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16 of our best gluten-free recipes

From delicious mains to moreish sweet treats, you don’t have to miss out on your favourite meals when you’re gluten-free. From barbecue turmeric chicken thighs and lemon and walnut pasta, to no-bake banoffee slice, these recipes prove that you can still enjoy flavoursome meals while remaining gluten-free.

  • 1

    Baked fish with a sesame, pistachio and harissa crust

    Nadia Lim's baked fish recipe may be the perfect entertaining meal. The oven does all the hard work to create this gluten-free dish that's ready in just 20 minutes. Be sure to serve hot sprinkled with coriander

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  • 2

    Roasted leg of lamb with rosemary and mustard marinade

    Nadia Lim's rosemary roasted lamb recipe has an unusual secret ingredient - anchovies. They add an irresistible depth of flavour (without any fishy taste). It's a must-try for your next Sunday dinner!

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  • 3

    Herby Italian chicken and pumpkin bake with mozzarella

    Nadia Lim nails dinner time with this Italian chicken bake recipe. Ready in under an hour, this gluten-free dish is easy enough for weeknights yet also sophisticated enough for a weekend dinner party. Dig in!

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  • 4

    Oven-baked sticky satay chicken nibbles

    Nail a family favourite with this delightfully sticky chicken nibbles recipe. Marinated in an irresistibly nutty homemade satay sauce, these nibbles make a deliciously easy gluten and dairy-free bite

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  • 5

    Mexican-style kumara and quinoa Buddha bowls

    Discover the power of Buddha bowls with this tasty Mexican-inspired recipe. Packed with beans, quinoa, spices and herbs, these bowls make a delicious dairy and gluten-free lunch or dinner

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  • 6

    One-pan honey mustard chicken thighs

    Nadia Lim's honey mustard chicken recipe is too good not to become a family favourite! Ready in just 30 minutes and cooked to perfection in one pan, this dish is delicious served with mashed potatoes

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  • 7

    Barbecue turmeric chicken thighs with cucumber salad

    This 20 minute meal is a winner! This gluten-free recipe sees chicken thighs marinated in turmeric and lemongrass spice paste, grilled to perfection then served with an easy cucumber herb salad

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  • 8

    No-bake banoffee slice (gluten-free and dairy-free)

    The mash-up of caramel, chocolate and banana in Nici Wickes' banoffee slice recipe is simply irresistible! It's also gluten, dairy and refined sugar-free, making it perfect for just about everyone

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  • 9

    Gluten-free berry and apple pie with clotted cream

    With the berry season upon us, it’s time to make pie! Nici Wickes' gluten-free pie recipe creates a simple dessert that's delicious served with clotted or whipped cream. It's a must-try!

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  • 10

    Cheesy potato, kale and bacon gratin with thyme

    Nadia Lim's cheesy potato gratin recipe creates a side dish for any occasion! Spiked with bacon, thyme and kale for some bonus greenery, this dish is goes beautifully with...well, just about everything!

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  • 11

    Nutty brown rice salad (gluten-free and dairy-free)

    Nici Wickes' brown rice salad recipe is packed full of punchy rocket, roasted nuts and the tang of blackcurrants. The nuts provide enough protein for this to be considered as a main meal

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  • 12

    Magical gluten-free banana pancakes with crispy bacon

    Nici Wickes' banana pancakes are like a magic trick – so few ingredients, no dairy or flour and yet they turn into fluffy, creamy pancakes that are divine. Try this recipe for the perfect breakfast

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  • 13

    Creamy baked lemon pepper chicken thighs

    Love lemon chicken? This delicious recipe sees juicy chicken thighs coated with homemade lemon pepper seasoning then baked in a creamy lemon sauce. Serve for an easy meal the whole family will love

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  • 14

    Lemon and walnut pasta

    This gluten-free lemon and walnut pasta recipe is one of Nici Wickes' go-to dishes when she's in a hurry to eat. Super tasty and served with a simple salad it makes a complete meal

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  • 15

    Saag aloo (spinach and potato curry)

    This warming saag aloo curry recipe may be the ultimate vegetarian meal. Homemade spice paste is combined with potatoes, spinach and chilli to create a comforting, nutritious 35-minute dinner

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  • 16

    Gluten-free pasta with chilli, lemon and kale pesto

    How's this for a 30 minute meal? This gluten-free recipe sees pasta and homemade kale pesto combine to create a fresh weeknight meal that manages to pack in plenty of greens. Serve with lashings of parmesan and enjoy!

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