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15 exciting school lunchbox ideas to try with Countdown

Skip the predictable sandwiches and shake things up this term! These school lunchbox ideas are not only exciting, they're also oh-so-easy to make. The best part? The kids will love them!

We've teamed up with Countdown to make lunchtime more delicious! Whether you've got a fussy eater or a vegetarian on your hands, these recipe ideas make it easy to pack a lunchbox with all sorts of yummy options.
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    Pasta salad

    Pasta salad is the perfect dish for a light lunch or family barbecue. With minimal ingredients needed, this fragrant and scrumptious pasta salad is sure to be a crowd pleaser.

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    Leftover cereal slice

    Attention all budget-savvy bakers! This crunchy, chocolately slice is a genius way of using up leftover cereal.

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    Cheesymite scrolls

    Mini cheesey, vegemitey scrolls in a lunchbox? Yes please! Complete this school lunch with dried fruit and cucumber sticks.

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    Apricot energy balls

    Whip up these deliciously healthy energy-packed treats in no time at all - perfect for a lunch box snack or on-the-go energy boost!

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    Cheesy frittatas

    These cheesy cauliflower and pea frittatas are easy to make and super tasty. Enjoy them hot with a side salad or straight from the fridge as a nutritious on-the-go snack.

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    Choc banana muffins

    The unbeatable combination of chocolate and banana is celebrated in these delicious muffins, which are packed full of real chocolate chips. These are great to make with the kids as a weekend treat or lunchbox snack.

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    Vege sausage rolls

    These sausage rolls are jam-packed full of veges meaning they're a reasonably healthy lunchtime addition.

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    Apricot and walnut biscuits

    These golden biscuits are delicious and great to make with the kids. Full of crunchy walnuts and chewy apricot pieces, they'll be a sure-fire hit!

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