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12 incredible lemon recipes

Overloaded with lemons? Why not try one of these incredible recipes that have the perfect amount of added zest. From wine braised chicken thighs to lemon yoghurt cake, the FoodToLove team has 12 essential recipes to help you use up all those extra lemons.

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    Lemon and walnut pasta

    This gluten-free lemon and walnut pasta recipe is one of Nici Wickes' go-to dishes when she's in a hurry to eat. Super tasty and served with a simple salad it makes a complete meal

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    Lemon honey chicken nibbles

    These sticky sweet and tangy chicken nibbles are so quick and easy to make. They're the perfect appetiser when you're entertaining. The kids will love them too!

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    Lemon sponge cake with strawberries and cream

    Nadia Lim's lemon sponge cake recipe is a nod to her much-loved nan. Sandwiched with lemon and vanilla cream cheese and piled with lush strawberries, this dessert is sure to become a family favourite in your home too

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    Louise slice with lemon curd and coconut

    A Kiwi classic gets a zesty, citrusy twist with this Louise slice recipe. Traditional jam is swapped with lush lemon curd to create a tangy, seriously delicious afternoon tea treat. It's a must-try!

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    Mini gluten-free blackberry and lemon friands

    Nadia Lim's friand recipe is a must-try for gluten-free bakers! Gently spiked with lemon zest and topped with blackberries, these mini friands will be the star of your next morning or afternoon tea

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    Lemon pie meringues

    These delicious lemon pie meringues deliver gorgeous citrusy bursts with every bite. Filled with homemade lemon curd and topped with handmade meringue, this recipe is everything a dessert should be

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    Barbecued lamb leg with lemon thyme salsa verde

    Deliciously tender lamb garnished with a fresh and zesty lemon thyme salsa verde - does it get much better? Serve up with homemade thick-cut kumara wedges for an even bigger flavour kick!

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    Spiced fried fish with lemon pistachio couscous

    A delicious and easy recipe for spiced fried fish with lemon pistachio couscous. We used bream here, but you can use any firm white fish fillet, such as perch, blue eye or ling.

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    Lemon rice with spiced lamb meatballs

    This lemon rice recipe creates a versatile side dish that can be enjoyed hot or cold. Serve with homemade spiced lamb meatballs for a delicious weeknight meal that's ready in under an hour

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    Grilled salmon with pea smash and herby lemon dressing

    Nici Wickes has created a quick dinner winner with this grilled salmon recipe! Salmon is packed full of goodness and, served with peas and a citrusy dressing, it makes for a refreshing midweek meal

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