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12 decadent cheesecake slice recipes

Marry two of your favourite desserts into one delicious treat with these decadent cheesecake slice recipes. From fruity combos to chocolate numbers, you're sure to love these sweet bites

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    Apple cheesecake strudel slice

    This heavenly slice combines the flavours and textures of two of your favourite desserts, revealing a creamy, crumbly, buttery dessert with soft stewed apples to delight your friends and family.

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    Lemon cheesecake slice

    This beautiful lemon cheesecake slice is absolutely divine and wonderful for a weekend treat. Golden, crumbly pastry is beautiful topped with a creamy, zesty filling and dusted with shredded coconut.

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    Baked vanilla cheesecake slice

    Serve this cheesecake slice with coffee for afternoon tea or as a dessert with berry coulis in the summer months. In winter, it’s great with chocolate or caramel sauce.

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    Passionfruit swirl cheesecake slice

    Dust off your best china and invite your friends around to share this silky passionfruit swirl cheesecake slice. This gorgeous recipe is sure to leave an impression on even the most seasoned sweet tooth

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    Apricot cheesecake slice

    This decadent slice showcases all the the wonderful features of a delicious classic cheesecake, plus a beautiful apricot swirl throughout the creamy centre.

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    Cheesecake slice

    The classic cheesecake is transformed in this recipe to create a beautifully sweet and creamy slice. Enjoy a piece of this indulgent dessert with a pot of your favourite coffee as an afternoon treat.

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