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10 ridiculously easy ways to get healthy

Feeling sluggish, a few kilos heavier and full of regret? Never fear – follow these tips and you’ll be feeling sharp again in no time.

Get clear on your end game

Okay, you want to “get fit and healthy” in 2016. Join the club. But what does that actually mean? Getting back on the wagon (and staying on it) requires setting really specific goals that are meaningful to you. What does being fit and healthy look like to you? Is it a certain size? Or maybe you want to compete in an obstacle race?
Whatever it is, ask yourself why you want that and what it’ll mean to you when you get there. Having exciting and inspiring goals are what will get you out of bed in the mornings when you’re tired and can’t be bothered.

One thing at a time

There’s truth to the old saying “slow and steady wins the race”. When we try to change too many things at once, it tends to become overwhelming and we give up completely. Instead, try working on one thing at a time. Write a list of all the habits you’d like to change, then pick just one to focus on for a few weeks. When you’ve got a handle on that, pick another, then another. It might seem like the slower way, but you’ll be forming sustainable and life-long habits.
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Love thy food

Food could be one of the biggest pleasures in life, but somehow we’ve turned it into an enemy. Counting calories and worrying about everything you put in your mouth doesn’t just take all the joy out of eating, it creates an unhealthy relationship with food. I’m giving you permission to just relax about it. Don’t turn your meal into maths. Instead, take a breath, focus on the flavour and savour every bite.

Ditch the D-word

Paleo, Mediterranean, intermittent fasting – if you’ve been jumping from one diet to the next trying to figure out which one is the best, know this: the best diet is the one you’ll stick with. And more often than not, it’s not a “diet” at all. So kick the D-word to the curb and just enjoy eating your food, without attaching stories, guilt or shame to it. Make it real food, too – every colour, texture and flavour. Yes, even sweet.
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Experiment with your chow

Sometimes we just need some inspiration to feel excited about being in the kitchen. Being time-poor and knackered means we tend to fall back on the same, old recipes until the sight of a tuna salad makes us want to weep. Try this: head to the supermarket and choose one new vegetable to experiment with every week. Google some recipes that use it and keep hold of any winners. Before long you’ll have a heap of new meals on rotation. Once you’re done with vegetables, move on to meat, then legumes, seafood . . . you get the idea.

Get preppin’

Sunday meal prep is key to staying on the bandwagon during the week. Sure, it might be slightly annoying at first, but do it enough and you’ll find a system that gets it done quickly. You’ll thank yourself when you’re tired, cranky and don’t feel like cooking after work. Roast up some meat, pre-cook vegies, make a big salad and steam a batch of rice or quinoa. That way all you need to do is assemble, reheat and turn on Netflix.
Try cooking a large batch of this delicious grilled pork with quinoa and kale salad for the week. Wholesome, nourishing and delicious. Click here for the mouthwatering recipe.

Order in

Just like a slow-cooker saves you the hassle of cooking, getting your groceries home delivered means you don’t have to trudge to the supermarket. It takes one more thing off your plate, so to speak – plus, you’ll avoid the temptation of the junk-food aisle.

Say it out loud

Telling people your health goals makes you more accountable. You don’t have to tell the world, just confide in a few key players you trust who’ll call you out when you’re heading off track. Who knows – they might even join you.
Smoothies are a quick and easy way to get a dose of your daily greens. Making a large batch will encourage family members to join you on your health-kick! Try blending up a few glasses of this delicious avocado and almond protein smoothie for you and the family this weekend! Click here for more.
Cassie White is a Sydney-based personal trainer, yoga coach, journalist and food blogger. For recipes, workouts and other health advice, head to