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10 reasons we're eating Brussels sprouts

The humble Brussels sprout is experiencing a serious culinary renaissance. From cheesy gratins to stir-fries or simply coated in golden butter, these Brussels sprouts recipes show just how delicious they can be

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    Tagliatelle alfredo with roasted sprouts

    Get creative with the humble Brussels sprout! In this recipe, tender roasted sprouts are stirred through creamy tagliatelle alfredo to create a comforting meal that's perfect served on chilly nights

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    Roasted Brussels sprouts with maple glaze

    Brussels sprouts have long had a tough time of it, regularly being voted the world’s most hated vegetable. Discover just how delicious they can be with this Roasted Brussels sprouts with maple glaze recipe

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    Roasted brussels sprouts and lentil salad

    This delicious golden roasted brussels sprout and lentil salad is great for lunch or as a salad side for dinner. It's also perfect for diabetics.

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    Pork and brussels sprouts stir-fry

    The best way to have brussel sprouts is paired with pork in a stir fry. The salty, soy charcoal flavours brings in a delicious flavour - This recipe will turn any brussel sprout haters into lovers.

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    Brussels sprouts with crispy pancetta

    This humble vegetable gets an undeserved bad rap in our view. We think these delicious brussels sprouts with crispy pancetta deserve a place on your Christmas table, right next to the duck fat roasted potato.

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    Warm Brussels sprout and leek salad

    Discover just how delicious Brussels sprouts can be in this beautiful salad recipe. Paired with leek, almonds and feta, this tasty side dish is perfect for lunch or dinner

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