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Why we love raclette

Love cheese? Prepare to fall head over heels for this gift from the cheese gods.

Imagine melting a wheel of cheese then using it to cover your entire meal, like some sort of dreamy, dairy-based duvet. Well, you’ve just imagined raclette.

This decadent dish has been around for aeons in Switzerland and France, but has just recently found its way into restaurants in the U.S, U.K and Australia.

Traditionally, raclette is served with meat or vegetables but nowadays you can find it paired with just about anything including sandwiches, hot dogs and fries.

Keen to try this for yourself? Food truck Melt are New Zealand's raclette gurus and have been serving up this cheesy delicacy at night markets across Auckland for some time – follow them on Instagram to see where you can catch them.

Images and video footage via : Instagram.
Created by : Saru Krishnasamy and Melissa Tapper.
Logo by : Caitlin Beck.

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