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Why we love feijoas

Just like jandals, pavlova and the Buzzy Bee – feijoas are a national treasure! Discover all you need to know about this iconic fruit and dig into our delicious recipe suggestions.

Our 5 favourite ways with feijoa

#1 Feijoa and custard crumble tart

Layers of sweet pastry, ripe feijoas, silky custard and golden crumble come together to create this stunning tart. A must-try recipe for any feijoa fan!

#2 Feijoa and coconut loaf

Discover the delicious marriage of feijoa and coconut in this heavenly loaf recipe. Enjoy fresh out of the oven with smear of butter, or it's even good toasted a few days later (if it lasts that long!).

#3 Feijoa, ginger custard and walnut trifles

Skip the baking and create this irresistible trifle in a snap. Starring sponge cake, crunchy walnuts and homemade custard spiked with ginger, this dessert is the perfect way to enjoy feijoas.

#4 Feijoa paste

Got more feijoas than you know what to do with? Try transforming them into this delicious paste. All you need is a handful of ingredients and you can enjoy feijoas year-round on your cheese boards and antipasto platters.

#5 Apple and feijoa crumble

Nothing beats a warm crumble on cool evenings, especially one that's packed with plenty of feijoas. Serve with fresh cream, custard or ice cream and you'll be in feijoa heaven.

Video by : Melissa Tapper.
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