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  • Easy
  • Serves 8
  • 20 minutes prep
  • 15 minutes cook

Fresh peaches and cream cookies

Fresh peaches and cream cookies

These are best eaten the day they are made. Try putting vanilla ice cream between two cookies for an ice cream sandwich.


Fresh peaches and cream cookies

  • 2 fresh peaches
  • 1 tbsp caster sugar
  • 300 g (2 1/2 cups) flour
  • 1/2 tsp salt
  • 2 tsp baking powder
  • 1 cup caster sugar
  • 100 g unsalted butter, at room temperature
  • 170 ml cream
  • 1 cup small white chocolate pieces
  • 3 tbsp sugar
  • 1/4 tsp ground cinnamon


  1. Preheat the oven to 165ºC on fan bake.
  2. Peel peaches with a peeler or small knife then cut flesh into 1/4 cm pieces.
  3. Place diced peaches into a bowl and sprinkle with 1 tbsp caster sugar.
  4. Place flour, salt, baking powder and the 1 cup of caster sugar into the bowl of an electric cake mixer. Add the butter, and using the paddle attachment, switch it on. Mix until a fine crumble-like texture is reached.
  5. Add the cream and mix until the dough almost comes together. At that point add the diced peaches and the chocolate pieces. Mix until you have a soft dough.
  6. Using an ice-cream scoop, make the dough into 40g balls and place on a non-stick or baking paper-lined tray, leaving a space of 5 to 6cm between each cookie.
  7. Mix the 3 tbsp of sugar with cinnamon and sprinkle over each cookie.
  8. Bake for 12 minutes then turn the tray around in oven and continue baking until the cookies are golden but still soft in the middle. The cookies will firm up as they cool down, about 10 minutes.
  9. Lightly dust the finished cookies with icing sugar.


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