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Taste the flavours of Thailand with Exotic Food

Turn up the flavour and transport yourself to distant lands with the authentic aromas of Thailand from Exotic Food.

Experience fresh, Thai flavours with Exotic Food and discover how these stunning sauces will make dinnertime more memorable.

Our bloody mary with Sriracha cheese dippers is a finger-licking sensation - the perfect trendy treat for the weekend. Or if you want to add some flavour flair, then look no further than our Hoisin salmon fillets with wok-fried vegetables. Discover the endless options that Exotic Food can easily add to your cooking to transform your Thai dishes!

Click play to check out how easy it is to recreate our Teriyaki chicken salad with crispy noodles. Scroll down to view the step by step instructions:

Look for Exotic Food in your supermarket or visit www.exoticfood.co.nz to discover more.

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