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Lifelike succulent cakes are our favourite new food trend

Lifelike succulent cakes are our favourite new food trend

Step aside Mary Berry, because these bakes must take some serious skill.

You might have noticed that succulents are having a little bit of a moment right now, featuring everywhere from hair accessories, to clothing and shoes.

And now a baker has also started incorporating succulents into her cakes, after discovering she had a hidden talent for creating icing in their image.

Iven Kawi, who is based in Jakarta, describes herself as an 'artisan baker' who specialises in these green-fingered bakes for all occasions.

The mum, who started out creating cookies for her daughter's school bake sales, now has a thriving business creating these exquisite cakes, and has made a real niche for herself in doing so.

Recreating everything from flowers to the less attractive aspects of plant life, such as soil and spikes, Iven is the go-to girl for anyone planning a wedding or birthday cake with a difference.

They're almost too beautiful to believe.

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