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How to make apple roses for your next dessert

Add a special touch to your next sweet treat with this tasty tutorial. Watch our easy step-by-step video and learn how to make your own apple roses as a deliciously stylish topping for a pie, tart or dessert.

How to make apple roses

1 Arrange 7 slices of apple on a folded tea towel, overlapping each slice by a third.

2 Pat dry with paper towel.

3 Slice row in half horizontally.

4 Beginning on the left, roll the slices up to form a rosette.

5 Flip the second row, and repeat the rolling.

Note: While making roses, don't forget to keep the microwaved apple slices soaking in a mix of water and cider vinegar to minimise browning.

For the full apple rose recipe, pick up a copy of Food magazine May/June 2018.

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